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  • Get a personalised webpage

    Once you sign-up on the Sendbrief app, you automatically get a personalised webpage with a unique link

  • Share your listings

    Share property listings that contain videos, images and voice-notes with clients using your personalised link

  • 100% control & privacy

    No website login required. You have full control from your mobile App, which includes posting your listings directly on sendbrief.com or sharing private listings with prospects

  • Get organised

    You can carefuly organise all your listings into units and folders. Declutter your phone gallery, save memory space

  • Cloud storage

    If anything happens to your device, worry not, all information is safe in the cloud

Safety Tips

  1. Beware, do not make any payment as inspection fee or upfront payment for rent, engage or seek legal advise before meeting any agent you might have contacted. It is important you carry out a thorough investigation and due diligence.
  2. The agents/authors of properties listed on sendbrief.com do not represent sendbrief.com. Sendbrief.com will never mandate agents to ask for fees upfront or whatsoever. Sendbrief.com wont be liable for any loss incured hereafter.

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